Introductory Assessment (All Ages)

New members are given a personal introductory assessment by our Chief Instructor who will evaluate and help you or your child get on track to a healthier lifestyle!

Juniors (Ages 5-12)

Jun Tong’s junior classes provide basic fitness and training for early learners and helps to build character through confidence and self discipline in a fun and safe learning environment with their peers.

Seniors (Ages 13+)

Senior classes provide advanced fitness and training for teens that help to promote self-esteem, control and the confidence to make the right decisions that affect people around them positively.

Self Defence (All Ages)

All Jun Tong classes provide some form of self-defence training that is realistic, practical, and efficient for Juniors, Seniors, to Black Belt and beyond. Students are able to master and use in them real-life situations.

Black Belt (All Ages)

The black belt program is a syllabus for members who have graduated to I Degree black belt and above and want to achieve more with their fitness and training and build a deeper understanding of Taekwon-Do.

Gradings (All Ages)

All members who follow the syllabus are required to undertake periodic evaluations by instructors to allow them to progress and advance to the next stage of their training.

Ready, when you are

Our experienced and dedicated instructors are always here to assist you and help you and your children unlock your true fitness potential. Our instructors regularly rotate between all of our clubs to make sure your training never becomes dull and repetitive. Each session provides you with unique learning experiences that all combine together to help you take your fitness further.

When you sign up, you’ll be able to book a free introductory assessment session with our Chief Instructor. You and/or your children will be evaluated to determine which one of our classes is right for you.

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